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Cross Oaks Ranch - Testimonials

Here's what a few of our customers have had to say about us.
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Anthony Schneider

Winter 2017 - Weston, Florida

Growing up on a ranch myself, I was a little skeptical about going on an organized hunt. When you grow up with all the amenities of the outdoors, you ask yourself why would I want to do this. However, my opinion changed the minute I drove up to the front door of the Cross Oaks Ranch and was greeted by Jason and his staff. The Cross family and staff made me feel the same as I do back home, and by the end of the trip, I felt I knew these guys my entire life. From the excellent home cooking (thanks Whitney), facilities, knowledgeable staff, all the way down to the beautiful ranch itself, everything was top notch. Jason Skinner was my guide, and we had a blast together. His knowledge of the land and animals that occupied the ranch was second to none. I was there to hunt Axis, and with his help was able to get the deer I was looking for. I would recommend this experience to anyone looking to disconnect from reality for a few days and to enjoy something you love.

Obert Blaisdell

Winter 2017 - Lumberton, Texas

Three years ago my nephew and myself went on a meat hunt. The following year my son went with me on a meat hunt. This year my nephew and son went with me. All three hunts were outstanding. You could not ask for better people to put on a hunt. The faciliity was no less than outstanding as well as the food. I am planning to go back again next season. I wish I had the money to hunt for one of their trophy bucks, maybe one day. I could not believe the big bucks as well as the game I saw. I recommend anyone to try out a hunt, you will not be disappointed.

Al Kissell

Feb 2016- Texas

As the saying goes,"...when something is very good, you naturally want more of it." This is my second hunt with Cross Oaks Ranch. Every part of the hunt was exceptional, great food, attention to detail; and most of all a great desire to please. Jason Cross and the gang are to be commended for the exceptional experience. It is far and above anything I have experienced. Even my 30 years of hunting Alaska, could not compare to the Cross Oaks Ranch experience! Truly exceptional!!

Randy Wimberley

Feb 2016- Texas

This was my second visit to the ranch. It was as amazing as it was the first time. The staff at Cross Oaks are some of the best people I know. They always make you feel like you are part of the family. Jason's guiding is not only spot on but a lot of fun as well. The food is 5 star, ( thanks Whitney, next year I'll save some stuffed jalapeños for everyone else ). It's always a pleasure to see and visit Roger and rest of the staff. I'll be back next season. Gotta get my yearly mancation at Cross Oaks Ranch. Love you guys and I'll be in touch soon. Randy Wimberley, Waco Texas.

Obert Blaisdell

2014 and 2015 - Lumberton, Texas

My nephew and myself went on a meat hunt in 2014, My son and me went in 2015. I have just signed up all three of us for this year. All of the staff are outstanding and the meals are top notch. As far as the game I have never seen so many trophy animals and turkeys. The fellowship of everyone involved is number one. The last two years we have killed our deer without a problem and have seen many more. We are looking forward to our next hunt.

Bernie White

Fall 2015 - Starkville, Mississippi

Just wanted to thank everyone at the Cross Oaks Ranch for the your hardwork and hospitality you extended to Mary Grace and me on our much anticipated father/daughter hunt last October. This being my second trip to Cross Oaks Ranch I knew the quality of the facilities and animals you have so I kept telling Mary Grace be prepared to be amazed. We had hunted a ranch just south of Brady in 2010 and 2011 where she took a doe and three bucks so she was no stranger to Texas deer hunting. I told her that she would have the opportunity to take a buck of lifetime and she certainly accomplished that, after a couple of heart pounding encounters, with her 150 class nine point. As for me, taking my first blackbuck antelope had to be one of my favorite hunting experiences ever. I really didn't realize what a trophy he was until I got back home and did a little research on Texas Hunting Forums that any black buck over 24" was a real trophy. My black buck was 26"! Although I can't keep talking and thinking about all the trophy animals on the ranch and the beauty of the ranch itself that's far from what draws me to the Cross Oaks Ranch. It's the people who keep me coming back. Jason, Whitney and Mr. John Cross, what a great family! It is evident from the time I've spent hunting with you and building a friendship that the Cross family is committed to not only running a first class hunting operation but are just plain good folks. Roger, Jason Skinner and Kristen bring the same qualities exhibited by the Cross family in making our hunt and stay just a fantastic experience. Old Roger and I are kinda "old school" but hey we can still 'er done! Thanks again for another amazing hunt and Cross Oaks experience. Looking forward with much excitement and anticipation to my return trip next fall for my father in law /son in law hunt. As we say in Mississippi " it should be a good 'un"!

Mark and Denise Freeman

Fall 2015 - Florida

Well we are not going to go on and on about how great the ranch is, how knowledgeable and professional the staff is, how wonderful the food is, what a friendly family atmosphere it is, etc. To put it simply, this was by far the best hunting experience we've ever had and I've hunted all over the world. We would recommend this place to any hunter/family and we look forward to returning there many times! All the best to The Cross Oaks Ranch.

Al Kissell

January 2015- Texas

What a great bunch of people! The women sure can cook and are as sweet as can be. Always so accommodating and conscientitous. Roger is a great guide! He kept me highly entertained while waiting in the blind. He is also very knowledgeable and has a unique knack to instinctively know the size of the deer or pig you are about to shoot. Jason and his Dad are incredible people! What is so amazing is the fact that you felt so comfortable from the first greeting to the last! These are people you would hope to have as friends forever! Moreover, you can't wait to come back to be around such fine people!

Randy Wimberley

January 2015 - Texas

What a wonderful experience. What wonderful people! Jason and Whitney, And Roger Elliott. The folks at the Cross Oaks Ranch are terrific all around. John Cross is also a great host. I came not sure what to expect and left the ranch with new family! From the moment I first arrived until I left to go home I was treated like family! Jason was my guide and we had a great hunt taking 2 huge does. They called them doezillas. The food preparation by Whitney was as great as any 5 star restaurants! I gained 2 pounds in 2 days. Must have been the ice cream and brownie sundaes! I can't say enough great things about them! I now have new family and can't wait to get back next season. Jason and Roger are top notch professionals and anyone wanting a great hunting experience there is no place to go but Cross Outfitters! The lodge by the way is fantastic!

Corley Boys

Jan 2015 - Texas

When booking a hunt for my boys I was looking for a good quality operation and I found it at Cross Oaks Ranch. Jason customized our hunt to fit our needs. Everything about Cross Oaks is first class. Jason and Roger made us feel right at home. Not only were they our host and guides but now we call them friends.



Shawn Smith

Winter 2014 - Texas

I had a great time out at the Cross Oaks Ranch. The staff was amazing and made the time there very enjoyable. The food was excellent and the guides did everything to make sure that we all had an excellent time and also I was able to take a nice fallow buck while there. Thanks to Jason and his staff for delivering such a quality hunt.



Obert F. Blaisdell

Fall 2014 - Lumberton, Texas

My nephew and I went on a meat hunt. We both took two whitetail does. I saw numerous trophy whitetail and fallow bucks along with several blackbucks. There were so many deer at the feeders I had to wait for the does to separate before shooting. I also saw plenty of turkeys, some with their beards almost touching the ground. The facility was outstanding and the whole crew was top notch. The food was excellent and always fresh. There were plenty of snacks and drinks any time you wanted them. We are planning another hunt next year. I can not say enough good things about our experience.

Larry Bivins

Dec 2014 - Texas

Can't say enough about the staff, ranch, game, and food. They saw to all our needs and kept trying to anticipate anything we wanted. More quality game here than any other hunt I've been on. I will hunt this again.




Forest Hoffman

Fall 2014 - Los Angeles, CA

Cross Oaks Ranch communicated what to expect from our hunt very accurately before our arrival at the ranch. The room and board, hunting opportunities, and guides were as discussed in advance. We can't say enough about the welcoming, professional, and supportive atmosphere they provided to our whole family. It was a bonus that we bagged the buck of a lifetime. We highly recommend them to any hunter at any level of expertise, and hope to see them again soon ourselves. Thanks to Jason, Roger, and Whitney for all their skill and support.

Bernie White

Whitetail Hunt Nov. 2014

Just wanted to share my thoughts on our hunt at the Cross Oaks Ranch. I had high expectations when I booked the hunt after carefully researching multiple outfitters in the Texas Hill Country. You do a great job with your website of portraying your whole operation, thus the high expectations. But, websites, videos, and brochures can be deceiving. So based on the website and our conversations and communications I was anticipating a great hunt and a memorable experience. We were not disappointed! You and your staff at the Cross Oaks Ranch not only met our expectations but far exceeded them. Hats off to Roger and you for the job y'all do in the field from finding the right target buck to taking care of our game after the harvest was just top notch. With Whitney's culinary skills on display at every meal it's most difficult not to add some pounds while on the ranch. The only two complaints I had were the food was too good and I ate too much. I guess some of that's on me. Gary and I both were very happy with the animals we harvested. My buck was my personal best plus I took a trophy doe and hog. Your ranch is the most game rich I have ever seen and the quality of deer is truly remarkable. With your vision for game management and the people you have in place the sky is the limit at the Cross Oaks Ranch. Look forward to a return visit with all my friends in Texas at the Cross Oaks Ranch and some more "Mississippi smack down crappie flops" on some Texas trophies.

Chris McDonald

Fall 2014 - Indianapolis, Indiana

The hunt was great, all the guides seemed really knowledgeable about everything at their ranch. There was plenty of different types of animals that you will see and are able to hunt. The lodge is very accommodating, with everything you will need while you are on your hunting trip. The food is great. Last but not least, everyone that works at the ranch is very nice and will do anything to make your hunt enjoyable.

Vince and Jim Rizzo

Whitetail Hunt October 2014

I can't add anything to the superlatives from all the other testimonials without simply repeating them. From a more personal standpoint I can tell you that my son, Jim, and I couldn't have asked for anything more. At my age (80) and with deteriorating hips I didn't think I would ever have another hunt. Stumbling on your web site was like a gift from God. You not only made it possible but went out of your way to accommodate my physical problem. From day one you treated us more like friends than clients. As Jim's first hunt in 12 years he was on Cloud Nine. Finding his wounded buck the day after we left was the icing on the cake. God willing, and assuming I can get these hips taken care of, we will be back.

Steve Lewis

Winter 2013 - Artesia, NM

Phenomenal...Outstanding!! This is one of the best run hunting outfits I've been on.I killed my first deer in 1960 and have been hunting ever since. The guides were very knowledgeable and helpful. The food was fantastic, accommodations were perfect and best of all the bucks are definitely worth hunting. They are good 'uns!!! The Cross Oaks Ranch has meticulously thought of every detail from where the blinds are placed, to the hunters comfort and lots of great wildlife. Thank you Cross Family!


Dustin Vick

December 2013- Texas

First time hunting at Cross Oaks, all I can say is it really is first class: from the quality of the deer, the facilities, the food, and the guides. Great hunt with great people, can't wait to come back and see them again.



Tyler Gresham

Fall 2013- Texas

First time to hunt here and I plan on coming back many times. Fun hunts and very good people to be around. Place really is first class.





Cody Guillory

Fall 2013 - Louisiana

We have been hunting with the Cross's for 3 yrs. now, & plan to for years to come. Everything about them is first class, from the great accommodations, to the beautiful ranch, & to the amazing game they have running around. The staff there is awesome & we have become great friends. They are very knowlagable when it comes to the animals, and make you feel right at home when you're at the camp. We can't wait until next years trip.


Joe & Cindy Miller

Fall 2013 - Louisiana

Let me begin by thanking our hosts and hostess, John, Jason & Whitney; as well as the rest of the team - Roger, Mike and Bill. Everything about Cross Oaks Ranch is exceptionally beyond your expectations. By the first night I felt like I had known everyone for years. The accommodations are very nice and the ranch is absolutely beautiful. My husband, son and daughter in-law were the hunters. I just enjoyed the game room, sitting on the front porch watching the beautiful animals, and most of all, getting to know Whitney. My son Cody scored the first night we were there. The following day, the celebration belonged to my husband. By the third day my daughter in-law took something exotic and after that, it was relaxation and joy riding around the ranch. We will be back for another hunt, but I hope to return sooner to visit the good friends that we made. I would highly recommend this trip for wives like me that are not hunters but don't want to be left behind. It was a treat for me to relax and enjoy the beauty of the ranch and nature. How could I forget? Whitney is as good of a cook as she is charming. I'll be eating salads for the next six months.

Jamie Silva

Fall 2012 & 2013 - Colorado

My name is Jamie, and my husband Jesse and I have had the pleasure to be at the Cross Oaks Ranch 2 years in a row. I can not begin to say enough great things about this place and people. The ranch and the animals are extraordinary and a sight to see. The accommodations are amazing. The food is to die for. I promise, you will leave there with a few pounds added to your midsection! Jason Cross and his people are very educated about the animals and are such a delight to be around. Everyone is so easy going and friendly. It is such a fun place to hunt. I would encourage anyone who is looking to have a good time with beautiful animals and a successful hunt to please visit this ranch. You will not be disappointed!!



Hi everyone, my name is Augustin, "Gus" for short. Me, My son Leslie, and Tommy D. were at the Cross Oaks Ranch this past December. We had an extremely good time. The food was great and the service was excellent. The game was very good and the guides were one on one, we had a great time. We have gone to Missouri on hunts, but at Jason's Cross Oaks Ranch our experience was excellent compared to other places. We were not pushed to make a kill. We really had an excellent time. I recommend Jason and the Cross Oaks Ranch to any one. You will not want to leave there after the hunt, as we did.



Great property. Great people. Great hunt. Looking forward to getting back as soon as I can.






I had the great privilege of spending the last few days with Jason Cross and the team at The Cross Oaks Ranch. Their ranch and their hunts are nothing short of spectacular. For an old country boy it was like coming home. I cannot imagine a more caring and attentive group. Every detail was perfect. My guide Roger is the salt of the earth. It has been 15 years since I was on the hunt. I acted like a four year old at Christmas. Roger was patient, attentive and more importantly a friend. The patriarch of the operation, John, is one of the most humble men I have had the privilege of meeting. I do believe he knows every rock on the ranch. Bill is the other guide and he knows more about guns than ten men combined. It is truly a joy to sit around the fire pit with this group of gentleman. In the kitchen is the Countess of Culinary Wizardry-Whitney. This young lady put four pounds on me in the same amount of days. There are no meals at Cross Ranch they are all feasts.
Jason and his team are in the business of creating memories. I am forever grateful for all they have done for me. My time with the Cross Oaks Ranch will never be forgotten. Oh and my little ole deer dressed out at 150 pounds, scored around 156 and was the deer of my youth - a big native Texas whitetail. And this was a high management hunt! If you are looking for a great hunt there is only one place to go- Cross Oaks Ranch with Jason, John, Whitney, Roger, and Bill with the Cross Oaks Ranch. I booked my hunt for next year before I left this magnificent property, actually two hunts as I saw so many turkeys that I caught spring turkey fever. Poor Roger has to endure another few days with me!

Tommy D.


This place is great! We had a blast relaxing with Jason, Bill, Roger, John, and Whitney. Then we had great hunts. The food was delicious and the lodging accommodations were like being home. The blinds were comfortable and functional. The hunt was superb. We cant wait to get back.



Ed S.


I had a wonderful hunting experience, everything was first class, the animals, the service, the lodging, food and people





Mike Zanoli


Was my first out of state hunt.  The whole experience was turn key, from start to finish.  From airport pickup to room selection at the ranch, to choice of meals and drinks.  The food and hospitality were worth it almost by themselves.  The facilities are first class and there is a rec room where you can relax, play games, or watch TV or movies.  The hunting was excellent and fun too.  As a management buck hunter, I found the shear number and selection of bucks to be great.  This is Texas high fence whitetail hunting at its best.





Wonderful experience. Great hunt, excellent food and accommodations, warm atmosphere and camaraderie. Jason and his team are great hosts




Mike Runyan


Cross Oaks Ranch is a class act; a well-managed outfitter with a great staff from knowledgeable local guides, class A accomidations, and an EXCEPTIONAL cook. I look forward to hunting with Cross Oaks Ranch again.



Jamie Z.


Have hunted often on the ranch, and it gets better and better. The facilities are fantastic, the quality of the game is incredible and Jason and his guides really know what they are doing.



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