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Texas Exotic Hunting Ranch

Come join us for an exciting Texas Exotic Hunt. We offer the opportunity to hunt for Blackbuck Antelope, Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, Iranian Red Sheep, and Aoudad. Exotic hunts take place at the Cross Oaks Ranch, located in the Texas Hill Country just outside Brady.  This beautiful ranch is 2490 acres game fenced and is managed to produce Trophy Exotics.

At the Cross Oaks Ranch, we allow you to customize a hunting package with any or several of these animals during your hunting adventure. Come hunt an exotic or combine a Texas exotic hunt with your trophy whitetail hunt.  The opportunities are endless!

Our Texas exotic hunts include guiding, lodging, and meals/drinks for $250 a day.  As a bonus, you can also hunt a wild pig free of charge.  Take a moment to view our pricing and contact us for more information, available dates, a reference list, or to book your next Texas exotic hunt!

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  • Type of Exotic Hunt

  • Price

  • Blackbuck

  • $2,250

  • Axis

  • $2,750

  • Fallow

  • $2,700

  • Iranian Red Sheep

  • $3,500

  • Aoudad

  • $3,500

  • Texas Dall Sheep

  • $2,000

  • Doe/Meat. 2 Doe

  • $900

  • Daily Fee is $250 a day per hunter. Includes guide, lodging, and meals/drinks.
  • Exotic Hunts include being able to take 1 free pig if seen during the hunt.

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Blackbuck - $2,250.00

Native Home: India and Pakistan

Blackbucks are a small Indian gazelle, considered to be one of the fastest animals in the world. Combined with exceptional eyesight they make for a great hunt. As males mature they change coloration from tan to dark brown/black, with a white belly. Male Horns spiral or corkscrew upwards in a V shape. Females are tan in color usually lacking horns. They prefer open areas and when alarmed, leap up and down before galloping away. Blackbuck make an exciting spot and stalk hunt, as well as other methods. Daily Fee is $250 a day per hunter. Includes guide, lodging, and meals/drinks.

Axis - $2,750.00

Native Home: India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka

Axis are a very cautious and allusive animal, which can make for a challenging but rewarding hunt. Usually various methods are used such as spot and stalk, blinds, and safari style. Axis have a yellowish brown coat with white spots and a black streak running the top of the back. They have a stocky frame with antlers that grow upwards, typically with 3 points on each side. Occasionally non-typical tines can be present. Both sexes use an alarm call that sounds similar to a high pitched bark. Their meat is considered one of the best tasting.Daily Fee is $250 a day per hunter. Includes guide, lodging, and meals/drinks.

Fallow - $2,700

Native Home: Europe, Asia Minor, and Iran

Fallow carry an impresive set of branched palmated Antlers. They can varry in color from white, chocolate, and spotted in appearance. They also have a noticable adams apple. During the rut males use a loud, deep grunt that will easily get your attention. Generally, they are a calmer animal when compared to whitetails or axis. They frequently travel great distances, making them difficult to pattern. Fallow make for a great spot and stalk hunt. Their venison is considered excellent.Daily Fee is $250 a day per hunter. Includes guide, lodging, and meals/drinks.

Iranian Red Sheep - $3,500

AKA: Armenian Mouflon

Native Home: Iran's Alborz Mountains in Asia

A sheep reddish in color and having a white saddle on the back. Black is seen on the throat and chest area. They also have a white belly. Red Sheep have long, heavy ridged horns that arc towards or behing the neck. They usually sweep back but can curl slightly. Females can have short horns. They prefer hill sides and rocky terrain. They are very skittish in nature and will run from any sense of danger. They can be a challenge, but a great hunt. Blinds and spot and stalk are usually the best methods.Daily Fee is $250 a day per hunter. Includes guide, lodging, and meals/drinks.

Aoudad- $3,500

AKA: Barbary Sheep

Native Home: Africa

Known for their heavy sweeping horns and hair on their chest and legs called chaps. They are tan to brownish in color and can easily scale steep terrain. When threatened they will often escape to higher ground. Aoudad can be a challenging but fun hunt. Spot and stalk is the preffered method of hunting, but safari and blind hunting is also used. Daily Fee is $250 a day per hunter. Includes guide, lodging, and meals/drinks.

Add Ons

Non Hunting Guests- $175 a day
Turkey-Bearded Gobbler or Hen- $300 ( Fall or Spring Season)
Blackbuck Doe- $300. Axis Doe- $650
Extra Wild Pigs- $50
Dove Hunt- $50 half day (When in Season)

Corporate Hunts

Some of the Reasons Companies/Groups have Hunted with us:

  • Building Relationships among clients and employees
  • Friends and Family vacation
  • Showing appreciation to Core Customers or Employees

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