3rd Hunt Report
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3rd Hunt Report

November 24, 2013 by

Our good friends from Louisiana came back to hunt with us this last week. Cody Guillory was on his 4th hunt with us and his wife Michelle returned with him for her 2nd hunt. Joe Miller was back for his 3rd Texas Whitetail Hunt and his wife Cindy came along for a relaxing vacation.

By now the Whitetail Bucks had gone into a full rut and were becoming harder and harder to locate. While we were seeing alot, they may not be in for long or come back anytime soon.

That first evening Cody Guillory wasted little time. A lttile while after getting to the stand a big buck walked out of the trees. After his guide decided it was one that could be taken, Cody got ready. It was only the first evening, but it was to good to pass up and would have been very hard to beat. Cody calmed his nerves and made a great shot, taking the old buck down.







This was Cody's best buck ever, an awesome 156 7/8 gross score 13 point. This was Cody's 4th buck taken with us, but definetely one to remember!

That evening belonged to Cody, but his Dad Joe Miller didn't waste much time either. One of the guides who was scouting had seen a nice buck up on our north side hill top. He thought it would be worth taking a look at. So that morning Joe and his guide went to that location to check it out for themselves.

About mid way into the morning hunt the buck came out. After deciding he was old enough, Joe wasnt going to pass him up. Joe quickly got on him and took the shot. The buck ran just out of sight, but they were confident he was down.







After waiting a bit and a quick walk Joe found his buck! It was an old 153 5/8 12 point. This was also Joe's best buck ever and his 3rd with us. A great one to add to the Wall!

It was a great morning for Joe and everyone was relieved to have 2 great bucks down so early in the hunt.

Michelle Guillory's hunt for her blackbuck wasnt going quite as easy. The first evening and morning sitting, none came in to her location. She spent the first full day spotting and stalking. At one point they spotted one walking and set up. They were inches away from taking a shot, but he never turned and walked off into the trees.

Later in the day they made a great stalk on one out in the trees. After getting in position the buck continued to walk. Her guide grunted and stopped him at 50 yards, but he was in to much brush to get a shot. Another close call but very exciting. That day included a few more chances and fun stalks, but no blackbuck down.

The next morning they decided to return to the original location. Late in the morning Michelle spotted a blackbuck in the trees. After standing a few moments he laid down just out of sight with no shot available. He laid there for over an hour. Finally he got up and made his way directly toward the stand. He wouldnt stop! Finally at 50 yards he headed to the right and stopped for just a moment. Michelle was right on him and pulled the trigger.






Michelle made a perfect shot and her Trophy Blackbuck was down. It was a beautiful buck with 23" horns. She worked really hard to get one and was relieved to finally have it all come together. Especially before the coming bad weather hit.

Cindy Miller spent the hunt enjoying the peace and quite. She also took some tour's around the ranch with her family, getting some great pictures.







Some bad weather moved in toward the end of the hunt. One of the worst ice storms we have had in while. Luckily everyone had got the animals they came for, so we spent the remaining time hanging out around the lodge visiting and enjoying good company.

Cody ended up taking a whitetail and blackbuck doe. Joe also got a whitetail doe.

It was another great November hunt. We were glad to have part of our Cross Outfitters family back down to see us!






We take a short break for Thanksgiving and pick back up in December!

Stay tuned for more updates. Thanks for reading and be sure to comment below!