5th Whitetail Hunt Report
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5th Whitetail Hunt Report

December 26, 2013 by

For our 5th Texas Whitetail Hunt of the 2013-14 Season, we welcomed 2 hunters who were joining us for the first time. Brandon and Misti Lipe were both looking to get a nice buck each and some meat to take back home.

The weather had pretty much all cleared up. The ranch was thawed out and it was really pretty pleasant. After arriving and getting settled in at the lodge, Brandon and Misti got both of their rifles sighted in, which didn't take long.

After resting up a little and getting their gear together, they went out for their first sitting of the hunt. The husband and wife pair really enjoy hunting together, so they would be sitting together with a guide unless we got late into the hunt and needed to split up.

Early on a few deer came out for an early feeding. A short time later a better buck came out. After looking it over they decided it was one to take. They had decided Misti would be the first to shoot and she had no problem trying to get one early on!

She got her rifle up and scope dialed in. She took the shot and the buck didnt move a step!

It was a very nice 11 point gross scoring 138 1/8. Great job Misti! It was extra special since Brandon was there to experience it with her. Misti also took a Whitetail Doe later in the hunt.


Brandon spent the next few days moving to different locations around the ranch. They saw lots of deer, but nothing they decided to try and take. Mostly to big or to young.

Lots of time was spent during the days and evenings telling stories, jokes, and sharing a few laughs. Really enjoyable couple to chat with and a great sense of humor! Misti also took advantage of her early success and caught up on some much needed rest around the Texas Hunting Lodge.

A few days into the hunt Brandon and his guide decided to try the stand where Misti had taken her buck. Hopefully it would bring similar luck. That morning was cool and the animals were moving. As the deer were moving in they spotted a very nice mature buck heading their way. It was definetely one to take. Brandon slowly moved his rifle out the window, lined up the cross hairs, and pulled the trigger. Suddenly, the window came crashing down on Brandons gun. But as he looked up he realized his buck was down! It must have not been latched well and the blast knocked it loose.

It was an awesome 9 point with a kicker to make it a 10. It actually had its 2nd tine completely broken off at the base, which would have made it an 11. It scored out at 144 6/8 and would have been right at 154 4/8 had he not broken that other tine. A great buck and he took it at the same blind that Misti took hers a few days earlier. Might have to rename it the Lipe Blind! Brandon also took a doe to finish up his hunt.

It was a great hunt with some new friends. A perfect way to end our December and conclude the major whitetail hunts for the season.

2 great bucks and lots of laughs. Couldnt ask for much more. We want to thank both Brandon and Misti for hunting with us and look forward to doing it again in the future.

Please share any comments below! Thanks for reading and check back for more news as we head into 2014.