December 2014 Hunts
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December 2014 Hunts

March 30, 2015 by

December was another great month at the ranch for whitetail and exotics. We had a really good time making some new friends on each hunt.


Our first group after the Thanksgiving break was Forest and Grace Hoffman, their first time to the ranch. Forest was on an HT Ranch whitetail hunt, but him and Grace were staying at the Cross Oaks Ranch.


Forest had some kind of luck. The first day his guide decided that they would try a blind that is rarely used for hunting. They had seen a big buck on camera in the area, but wasnt sure if he would come by. It was also located in a food plot, so had some good potential.

Sure enough about an hour into the sitting a big buck came running out of the woods. Apparently was rutting and looking for a girlfriend. He ran across the farm field some, then headed for the trees to the side of the blind. Forest knew he wanted this buck, hurried to get into an awkward position in the blind, then made a great shot!

It was an awesome 12 point Buck and Forests personal best. A great hunt with a great story.

Forrest finished up the hunt at the Cross Oaks Ranch, taking a few does and relaxing with Grace.

We look forward to having them back next season on another Trophy Whitetail Hunt!


Our next hunt also included some new hunters. Obert Blaisdell and his Nephew came on a meat hunt. Also at the ranch was Larry Bivins on a Whitetail Meat Hunt, his first time as well.


Him and Obert used to go hunting quite a bit, but this was their first time together in a while. So its was neat to have both of them together at our ranch. He had a successful hunt, taking both of his does on some great shots.

We really had a good time visiting with him around the Firepit and hope to do it again soon.


Obert also had a great hunt. He got both of his does with some good shooting!

It was a fun time and they both have plenty of meat to take home!

We are glad they were able to enjoy the hunt together and hope they will both be able to make it back next season!



Larry Bivins also shared the camp during the week. He was an excellent marksman using a really neat Rifle. It was a customized AK 47 type rifle. It also had what I believe was a Russian sniper scope on it. It had all kinds of lines and half circles, none of us still know how to work it. But all that mattered was he did!

He took two really nice does with some fine shooting. Should fill the freezer for a little while.

We enjoyed having Larry at the ranch and he is already lined up for next season! Look forward to it!


Our next Texas Exotic Hunt was with a familiar Company, but all of the hunters were first timers to the ranch. This hunt is always a fun time and one we look forward to each year.

Shawn Smith was hunting for a Fallow Buck. Early on he saw a couple during some safari style hunting, but could never get a shot. They werent seeing any from the stands so had to spend time during the day looking for them.

Finally a couple days into the hunt his luck would change. After another unsuccessful morning in the stand, they went riding around. Right before they went back to the lodge they checked one last area and spotted one. They finally got close enough and Shawn made a perfect shot.

It was an awesome Fallow Buck and Shawns first. Great job on the first success of the hunt!


Monroe Luther was on a hunt for an Aoudad. His Dad Boodro also came along to enjoy the ranch for a few days. The first night Monroe saw an Aoudad come out from behind a bush for only a few seconds, unable to get a shot. But a couple days later on the last morning, he finally got his Ram. There were several in a group and not stopping much. He made a great last minute shot!

Glad they were able to come enjoy the ranch together. It was a blast getting to know them and hope to see them in the future.

Tereso Cardenas was hunting for a blackbuck that week. This was his first time hunting, but he got the hang of it very quickly.

The first few days they saw a few blackbuck at the stands and riding around the ranch. None of them were great opportunities, usually very quick or with brush in the way. Teresso was very patient and wanted to make a perfect shot, a great trait that takes some hunters many years to focus on.

Finally one morning he finally got his chance, making a great shot on a beautiful blackbuck.

Great Job Tereso and hopefully more to come in the future!


After that hunt we took a little break during the Christmas Holidays. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years!

Pretty soon we will finish up our Deer Season field notes with Jan/Feb hunts. We also have Spring Turkey hunts coming this month that we are really looking forward to!

Thanks for reading and please post any comments below.