First Whitetail Hunt Report
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First Whitetail Hunt Report

October 28, 2013 by

All year we get ready for the first whitetail hunt of the season. Our first group this year was some friends returning from last season. Just a great group of people who love to hunt and have a good time.

This year they decided to add some extra days and really get a full experience. Also, it gave them plenty of time to look around and get a feel for this years deer herd. While we scout very hard in the weeks leading up to the first hunt, new deer show up every week and will until the end of the season.

The first few days of the hunt were fairly calm. Mostly getting settled in and scouting around. Saw alot of deer and some potential bucks to take. Deer dont move as well this early in the season, but if you can get one spotted you can usually pattern them until they start pre rutting. The hunters were being patient, which can be difficult out here! We joked that they would all wait and probably take an animal at the same time!

By now the whole group had arrived. One of the best parts of any hunt is hanging out around the campfire, catching up, telling stories, and joking around. One thing is guaranteed with this group, your going to laugh.

As always the food was awesome the entire hunt. I think some of the hunters may even look forward to Whitney and Jimmys cooking more than the hunting. Jesse and Jamie Silva actually started working out before the trip so they could eat more while they were here.

The third day of the hunt started like any other. Planning locations and gearing up. A little after sunrise we heard the first shot of the morning. Jeremy Guillory of Colorado had taken a very nice typical/symetrical 10pt near the front of the ranch. He had seen it the day before and knew it was the buck for him. It gross scored at 159 7/8.

 About mid way into the morning it was silent, but good. Jesse Silva of Colorado took a monster 179 inch 14 pt with his bow on the south side of the ranch. It would be a great accomplishment for anyone, but with a bow was extra special for Jesse. He now owns the top 2 spots for bucks taken with a bow at the ranch. An awesome Texas Trophy Whitetail Buck.

Finally, late in morning we heard the echo of one more shot. Evan Lamoreux had taken a heavy 170 inch 15 point. Evan wasnt located to far from the lodge and had this buck in late. Was too good to pass up and was exactly what he was looking for in a Trophy Buck.

It was a morning that would be tough to beat, three awesome bucks taken. The only hunter left out was Josh, but he would get his turn later that evening.

Josh was hoping to get something a little unique, possibly something with a little wierdness or non typical tines. One of our guides had spotted a buck with 2 drop tine like kickers. So that evening they went to the blind, which just so happened to be the one where Josh got his awesome 193 4/8 inch buck last year.

Two bucks actually came out that were good enough, one being the drop tine buck. After thinking it over and based on what he had originally wanted in antler charachter, he got the double drop tine buck just before sunset. A really unique buck, 14 points with 2 being drop tines on the right antler. It came out to 156 4/8 gross score. Another great buck taken on the trip.

The rest of the hunt had a few more highlights. Jesse took a cull buck with a 30-30 pistol. His wife, Jamie, took a whitetail doe for her first animal with a bow! She also got a management blackbuck that she worked really hard for!

Couldnt have asked for a better first hunt or group of people. Lots of memories made and good times shared.

For more photos from the hunt follow this link Texas Whitetail Hunts

Please share any comments below. Stay tuned for more field notes and hunt reports throughout the Season!

Thanks for reading and good luck hunting!