4th Whitetail Hunt Report
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4th Whitetail Hunt Report

December 19, 2013 by

Our fourth Texas Whitetail Hunt started early in December after our Thanksgiving Break. We were lucky to have had some decent weather leading up to the hunt and on the first day. The second day we had another ice storm and this time basically covered the ranch in a sheet of ice. This made for a cold and interesting hunt.

On the second morning our lone bow hunter on the trip, Dustin Vick, returned to the same blind they had sat the day before with no success. Alot of deer had came in and with them a nice buck that appeared to have a couple of drop tines. Dustin decided it was one that he couldnt pass up, especially with a bow.

Being patient, Dustin waited for the perfect opportunity on a clear shot with no other deer around, which proved to be a challenge. Finally Dustin was able to draw back and released an arrow he wont soon forget.

Dustin made a great shot and his deer was down. The buck had a total of 10 points, 2 being drop tines, and gross scored 134. It was a very unique buck that many hunters would love to have. Dustin also took a pig with his bow later in the hunt.

 The next morning, Brandon Wilson would get his turn. After a few days of not seeing any possible shooters, they changed up and tried a new area on the ranch. By now the ice storm had hit with full force. The camp electricty had gone out over night, seemed like it was going to be one of those days. Our Texas Hunting Ranch hadn't seen weather like this in a long time.

Then it took some effort to get the frozen door open to the stand. The next obsticle would be getting the windows open. After 20+ minutes of trying to move and heating with a portable heater, they wouldnt budge and actually started cracking. Deer had starting moving in early, so his guide got out and tried chipping away the ice before it was to late.

In the process they knocked out some glass, but Brandon was able to get his side open just enough and the guide had a hole to look through. This was as good as it would get.

Only a few minutes later they spotted a good buck chasing a doe about 400 yards out. Finally, the buck came in and after a quick glance they decided he was one to take. The big buck moved off to the left. Brandon got ready and took the shot. It was an awesome 11 point buck and was 153 6/8. Great buck with a great story to go with it.

As you can imagine and many of you reading remember, the cold nights called for spending alot of time indoors!

That next morning, Steve Lewis was running out of time. Unfortunately he found out he would have to leave early for work and this would be his last chance. Fortunately for him they selected the right blind that morning and had a nice 10 point walk out. Steve took the buck and it turned out to be a 12 point after adding in a few kickers! Steve also took a big boar during his hunt.


That evening and next morning the animal movement was shut down due to the weather. Tyler Gresham was waiting patiently for his opportunity. Finally, on the evening of the last full day they decided to try a stand up on our north side hill top. Early in the sitting a mature buck walked out and Tyler knew it was the one he wanted. He got set up and made a perfect shot. It was a 140 1/8 inch 11 point, The buck had a broken brow tine, and would have scored closer to 146. An awesome buck and end to a fun and eventful hunt.

Another great time with a great group!


Check back for our 5th Whitetail Hunt report from a mid December hunt. Thanks for reading and share your comments below!