Jan and Feb 2015 Hunts
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Jan and Feb 2015 Hunts

April 06, 2015 by

Our Whitetail Season had a great end, with some awesome Exotic and Meat hunts in January and February.

Everyone on these hunts were new to the ranch and we are thankful for getting to know each of them.

The First hunt of January included Buck Parker and Chad of Louisiana. Both were on meat hunts, although it would end up being a little more than that.

Chad had decided once he arrived that he would also like to hunt an Aoudad and luckily we had some hunts available. Towards the end of the hunt, they spotted some one after noon. He made a great stalk on them with perfect wind conditions. Finally, he saw a very nice Ram come out in the open by himself.

Chad Made a great shot and got this awesome Aoudad Ram!


Chad also had his original meat hunt and took his first and second doe early in the hunt before the Aoudad.

Then he added two more does at the end of the hunt! Tons of meat to take home!


Buck also had a successful hunt. Pictured above are his first two does of the hunt.


He also ended up taking a thrid and fourth doe. Great Shooting Buck!

We really enjoyed getting to know them both and glad they were able to enjoy a hunt together with us.


Our next hunt was with Chad Corley and his three sons, Cole, Jake, and Garrett. All of them were hunting for 1 doe each.

Chad and his youngest son Cole decided they would hunt together the first evening. It all worked out perfect as cole was able to get one early on. Then Chad got his a little while later. Both made great shots.

It was really neat that they were able to hunt and successfully harvest their does together.

That evening the oldest of the brothers, Jake, also got his doe. He also made a great shot and got a big doe!

Garrett didnt get an opportunity the first evening, so had to try and get one the next morning. It was a slow morning with not much movement. Things werent looking great, then a doe came walking out. Garrett quickly made the shot and got his doe!

We had a really good time with the Corley Boys and glad they chose us for their father and son's hunt. Hope to do it again sometime in the future!


Our Next hunt was with Chad Wilhite, who was after an Axis Buck.

Chad may be one of the luckiest hunters weve had. As most of our followers know, the axis are sometimes very hard to hunt. Smart and unpredictable.

The first morning of Chads hunt was very cold with snow flurries. Really a beautiful morning that we dont get to experience to often. They were actually sitting in a stand that we hadnt seen an axis at recently, just knowing how unpredictable they are it was always a possibility and in a good location.

Not long into the hunt, out came this awesome Axis Buck. There was no waiting and Chad made a perfect shot. As the shot echoed across the ranch. We were all in disbelief and excited when we learned he had taken a great buck!


With the hard part done, the next couple of days were spent enjoying the ranch. We also had to get in a little washer pitching as well. The cold wont stop that! It was a perfect end to a fun Texas Axis Hunt.


Next was a meat hunt with our new friends Randy Wimberley and Al Kissell. We paired both of them up and they really enjoyed each other and might even come together in the future.


Randy had a really good hunt. Both of his does could be ranch records! Both were just huge does and Randy made some much needed good shots to take them down! Great job Randy!


Al had a good hunt as well, getting both of his does on the same morning! He was also lucky enough to get a pig on the first evening! Congrats Al!


As we said they really hit it off and were glad to have had them both join us. We look forward to having them back soon!


Our final hunt of the whitetail season was with Jeff Funkhouser, also on a Texas Meat Hunt.

Jeff's hunt was extremely cold and a little snowy. That first evening we went out early knowing the deer would be moving. It paid off as Jeff was able to pick two off over several hours. Great Shooting Jeff!

That next morning he decided to try for one more. Nothing big enough was seen to shoot at the stand so they decided to get out and ride around a bit. Finally they spotted a few blackbuck and Jeff got ready and took a good sized blackbuck doe! It was a difficult shot, but he made it look easy!

Thanks to Jeff for joining us at the end of the season and congrats on all the meat you took home!


That concludes our field notes for our Texas Whitetail Hunting Season. We had a terrific season and our best yet!

Thanks to all of our hunters who came back to see us! Some have been with us for several years and we cant thank them enough!

Also thanks to all the new hunters who gave us an opportunity. We enjoyed getting to know each of you and hope you can make it back in the future!

Thanks to all of our guides, cooks, and others who help make our hunting ranch what it is!

Soon we will have our Turkey hunts and will post a Field Note sometime after! Spring Turkey is always exciting and we look forward to the hunt!

Like every year we have several changes and improvements in the works. We will mention some of these along the way, but look forward to sharing them next season with our hunters!


Thanks for reading and please post any comments below!