May Axis Hunt
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May Axis Hunt

June 03, 2014 by

A couple of weeks ago we had a great Axis hunt at our Texas Hunting Ranch. A good friend of ours, Jason Williams gave us the opportunity to help him get an axis buck that hes been wanting to add to his wall.

Most of our previous axis hunters and even those who have hunted other animals with us understand that the axis can sometimes be a little frustrating!

This hunt did not disappoint. During pre hunt scouting, several potential trophy Axis were seen at various locations. While we were excited, we kept our fingers crossed, knowing how they are so hard to predict and pattern. The axis are very elusive and tend to stay hidden in the deep brush. When they do come out, it could be anywhere.

The first days of the hunt proved that to be true. Wherever Jason was, the axis werent. The other guides scouting would see a Trophy, but we couldnt get Jason there in time to have an opportunity. Moving the next day resulted in the axis moving somewhere else, usually where Jason was previously.

During some day scouting and hunting, a few were seen, but not quite what we were looking for.

Most of our past axis hunters, especially Mike, understand how difficult they can be. Once in a while its fairly easy, but for the majority its a challenge.

After a few days Jason finally had an opportunity at a nice trophy, but it stayed in the brush and never presented a good opportunity at a shot.

It was decided that things should change up a bit. One evening, instead of sitting at a blind, Jason and his guide would go watch a hillside/valley that the axis frequently traveled to water. They had been seen there recently and it seemed like a good chance to shake things up.

After sitting a little while, a very nice buck came out of the brush on top of the hill. As he moved closer to them Jason decided this buck was not one to pass up. Almost seemed to good to be true. He quickly made a perfect shot and the big buck was down!

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Jason finally got his Axis to add to the wall. It was a successful, well earned hunt. It was a great Trophy Axis all around, with very nice mass, tine's, and length (32 inches). The best of all was his awesome brow tines, 12.5 inches on both!

It was a really fun time for everyone involved with the hunt. Very rewarding to complete a successful Axis hunt. Congrats again to Jason Williams!

Besides Texas Axis Hunts, we have some other things going on around the ranch and with Cross Outfitters.

We are finishing up the remodeling of 1 bathroom in the hunters lodge. It will be quite a bit bigger with new tile, new shower, and a new layout.

Outside of the bathroom, that hallway will have its own door, making it a private area for the two bedrooms near it. The hallway will also be extended so both bedrooms have their own door to the hallway.

This all probably makes more sense to our past hunters, but we are very excited to improve our lodge and continually make it as nice/comfortable as possible.

With all the great rain recently, it should really give our wildlife a boost. Its also filled most of our ponds, and we are working on using some well water to keep the levels up on at least 1. So hopefully sometime in the future we can have a little fishing available for our hunters to enjoy.

We also have a new Cross Oaks Ranch and Cross Outfitters Team Member joining us very soon. We will have an update later on, but we are very excited to have him and his family joining our Cross Outfitters family. As the Assistant Ranch Manager at the Cross Oaks Ranch, we all look forward to what he and his family will bring to our Ranch and Hunting Operations.

We will be offering Spring Turkey Hunts for the Spring of 2015, so let us know if you have any questions or interest!

We also have some meat hunts still available for this fall and winter. Great way to get away for a few days and have some fun filling the freezer.


We look forward to the coming season and sharing all the improvements with our hunters.

Check back for more updates along the way!

Thanks for reading and be sure to share any comments below!