New Blog and Season
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New Blog and Season

October 17, 2013 by

Thanks to and their team, we have launched our new website. Over the coming months we will make additions and changes as we go.

Given the short amount of time, they worked hard to get us a new site just in time for the start of our 2013-14 Hunting Season.

Not only will the new site help our company reach out to more hunters, it will also give our past hunters and others a chance to follow us better.

Part of the new site is this blog, which we call our field notes. We will continue to post new pictures and news just like we do on facebook.

Besides that we will also provide hunt reports from each hunt. These articles will give you information about how each hunt went, the stories they produced, and hopefully some good animals to brag on our hunters about.

Our first hunt of the Texas Whitetail Hunting season will begin next week. The past month or so we have been scouting hard and are excited about the possibilities of this years whitetails and Trophy Exotics.

Please feel free to comment on each of our posts, by filling out the form below!

Stay tuned and thanks for your interest in us.