November 2014 Hunts
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November 2014 Hunts

March 16, 2015 by

Hope Everyone is having a great 2015 so far! We had a very busy season this year and obviously got behind on the field notes a bit. I know I say this every spring, but this season was our best so far. Hopefully we can say the same next spring.

But now that we are out of whitetail season, things are a little slower and we plan on catching up over the next couple months.

Lots of great animals taken this season, a few ranch records, and most importantly lots of great memories. We really had a blast with all of the hunters, new and old.

Our first month to catch up on is November, which was an awesome month.

The first hunt was a memorable one with one of our longest repeating groups.


Jamie Silva was the first to be successful and she really set the bar high! She took this monster 208 inch, 25 point buck during a big rain storm. Congrats to Jamie on a buck of a lifetime! A true Trophy Texas Whitetail.

Later in the hunt she also took a great Aoudad Ram.


Josh Goff also had a great trip. He bagged this awesome 161 inch, 9 point buck on the second morning.

On the second to last day he took a really nice Axis Buck on a spot and stalk hunt. Great shooting Josh!


Jesse Silva is one of our best, if not the best bow hunter weve had. Every year he brings the bow and never disappoints. This year he got a really unique 153 inch, 17 point buck. The buck had lots of kickers on the back of his brow tines. A really neat buck and a great bow shot.

Jesse also took a doe later in the hunt, again a great shot with the bow.

It was another great hunt and like always, an even better time. Thanks to our Colorado friends Jesse, Jamie, and Josh for coming back to see us.


Our Second hunt of November included a familiar face with a couple new ones.


Another one of our longtime hunters, Jeremy Guillory, has had some great hunting moments with us as well. This time he took his biggest buck with us yet, a 186 inch, 17 point Trophy Buck.

Jeremy also took a Red Sheep Ram towards the end of the hunt. Great Job Jeremy!


Visiting us for the first time was our new Mississippi friends, Bernie White (Above) and Gary Jackson (Below).

Bernie took this wide 138 inch, 10 point whitetail buck on the second morning of the hunt. He watched the buck run around chasing does for what seemed like forever. And just when it seemed like he had disappeared for good, he came back out, and Bernie made a beautiful shot.

One evening Bernie also took a pig. It never moved an inch, or as they say, "Did the Mississippi Crappie Flop!"

Gary also had a good first hunt with us. On the 3rd evening he was able to take a really nice 148 inch, 11 point buck.

Later on, Gary was able to take a management buck and a doe.

It was a great hunt with old friends and new ones. Thanks to Jeremy for visiting us again and to our Mississippi boys for giving us the opportunity to have them down to our Texas Hunting Ranch.


The final hunt of November was with returning hunters Brandon and Misti Lipe.

Brandon took this 151 inch 10 point one morning. He made a great shot to bag his best buck so far.

Misti decided to try a Texas Exotic Hunt this year and was able to take this beautiful blackbuck. She also made a great shot and was able to share the moment with Brandon, who accompanied her on that hunt.

It was another great hunt with the Lipes, filled with good hunting and lots of laughs. We look forward to having them again next season.


Soon we will post a field note for Decembers hunts. Many of you have been asking for these, so thanks for the patience and we will always try to post them as soon as possible!

Thanks for reading and please share any comments below!