October Whitetail Hunts
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October Whitetail Hunts

October 31, 2014 by

Since our first hunt of the season for 2 axis bucks, weve had 3 other hunts in October.

Our first whitetail hunt of the year was with Vince and Jim Rizzo of Pennysylvania, who were joining us for the first time.

It was a great first hunt, with lots of game moving around. Both saw several bucks within the range they were hunting for.

Vince was the first to take a buck, getting an awesome 166 inch 10 point. It was an awesome symetrical buck!

Jim got his buck not long after and took an old 156 inch 15 point buck!

We were very excited to start the season off with two awesome bucks. Congrats and thanks to Vince and Jim on a successful and fun hunt. We are glad to have them as part of the Cross Outfitters Family!

Our next hunt was with our longtime friends Cody Guillory and Joe Miller of Louisiana. They have been with us for several years now and actually longer than any other hunters. We always look forward to the fun times we have every year.

Joe's wife, Cindy, also came back again to relax and enjoy the lodge for a few days. We were glad to have her back, especially Whitney and Karen!

This year they had another successful hunt, if not one of their best yet.

A few days into the hunt, both got their buck early one morning.

Cody got his first, taking a 160 inch 14 point. It was a great mature buck and Cody's best yet. Cody also got a Whitetail doe later in the hunt.

Joe got his a little later in morning, getting a 134 inch whitetail buck. It even went a little over the bronze range he was going for! Joe also finished up with a whitetail doe.

Later in the hunt, Cody also got a really unique Fallow Buck. It was a great way to cap off another successful trip.

Congrats to both Cody and Joe on another great hunt. We are thankful for all the good times we have had with their family over the years and look forward to more in the future!

Our latest hunt was a Whitetail Meat Hunt with Chris McDonald of Indiana and Randall Slimak of Texas, both first time hunters with us.

The first evening Chris took his first whitetail deer ever, a whitetail doe! He made a great shot, which wasnt an easy one. We are glad we were able to be part of it and help him get his first deer. A special moment for all. Congrats to Chris!

Randall also got lucky early and took a whitetail doe that evening as well. It was good to have early success!

That next morning Chris took his second doe, making another great shot similar to his first doe!

That evening, Randall took his second whitetail doe. This left him with one morning to get the axis doe he wanted as well.

The final morning Randall went out again trying to get the elusive Axis Doe. After not seeing any for a while at the stand, Randall and his guide Cody decided to give it a try on foot.

They finally located some axis and after stalking up in to position to make a shot, Randall took a beautiful axis doe that will provide some awesome meat as well a nice rug for his home.

Thanks to both Chris and Randall for joining us for the first time! Enjoy all of the meat you are taking back home!

October was a great month, with lots of success and fun times. It was a perfect start to our whitetail season.

We look forward to all of the other hunts coming up in November and beyond.

Several more Texas Whitetail Hunts and Texas Exotic Hunts are coming up soon. Check back for more updates as we move along in the season!

Thanks for reading and be sure to post any comments below!

Good luck to everyone this season. Hope its a safe and fun year for you!