Season Begins With Successful Axis Hunt
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Season Begins With Successful Axis Hunt

October 03, 2014 by

Our Season is under way at Cross Outfitters. Finally, the preperation is over and the fun begins. We kicked the season off with two Texas Axis Hunts. Joining us for the first time was Todd Robinson and Johnny Downs. Todd has had other friends who have hunted with us, but was never able to make it until this trip.

As we have mentioned many times, the Axis can be difficult. So we knew we were probably in for a challenging hunt.

The first day was typical. Todd and Johnny got settled in and went out for an evening hunt. Neither saw an axis, but did get to see some impressive whitetail and other exotics.

The second morning both went back to their same spots from the evening before. The guides had seen a few running in that area during pre hunt scouting. Again, they saw lots of game but no Axis.

After leaving the stands, both went with their guides riding around to see if they could spot any. Johnny and his guide Cody were checking out the front part of the ranch. They were just about to head towards the lodge for breakfast, but decided to check one last area. Just as they made a turn, they saw an axis buck on a tree line. It was a clear shot at nearly 200 yards. Johnny got a quick rest and made a great shot, dropping the buck.

It was an awesome Axis Buck, with good mass and great eye guards. Everyone was happy for Johnny and to have one down. It's very rare to take one on the first full day. So we welcomed any luck we were receiving! It was Johnny's first Axis.

It was a great morning at the lodge and after breakfast and a quick rest, Todd and his guide Roger headed back out. After riding around the Texas Hunting Ranch that afternoon, they came up on an Axis buck in the trees later in the evening. The buck turned just enough to give Todd a quick shot.

It was another great Axis Buck and also Todd's first Axis. It was another exciting momement on a great day. To have an opportunity to take two Axis bucks on the same day, this early in the hunt, was definetely a first for us.

Johnny finished the hunt with taking a whitetail doe. Todd also took 2 whitetail does to conclude his hunt.

It was a great hunt to start our 2014-15 season. We had some really fun times hunting, talking around the fire pit, and some great dinners thanks to Whitney and Karen.

We are thankful to have had the opportunity to hunt with them and now call them our friends.

Our next hunt is coming up soon after a short break this week. It will be our first Texas Whitetail Hunt of the year and we are looking forward to getting started.

We now have some Aoudad hunts available. We also have meat hunts still open. Let us know if you have any interest!

Check back for more news and updates as the season continues. Our hunts are all fairly close to each other for a while, so hopefully we have time to post a new field note after every hunt or two.

Also, good luck to all of our readers out there this hunting season. We wish you lots of successful and safe hunting!

Thanks for reading and be sure to post any comments below.