Second Hunt Report
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Second Hunt Report

November 12, 2013 by

Our second hunt of the season was another successful one. Joining us was our good friend Danny Spreitler of Mississippi. This was Danny's third Texas Whitetail Hunt with us and it was as much fun as all the others.

Also Joining us was an old friend of mine from college, Matt Lenderman. Matt's wife had suprised him with a High End Management Whitetail Hunt for his birthday earlier in the year. We can probably all agree Matt is a lucky man.

We were blessed with some cooler weather that had the animals moving a little more. The Whitetail were also starting to Pre Rut just before the hunt. This brought a few out of hiding, but also made them harder to pattern.

The first day of the hunt was filled with catching up on stories and scouting around the ranch. Roger and Danny didnt miss a beat since last years hunt, they never run out of things to talk about. Me and Matt talked about old stories from school and shared some laughs. We were probably lucky to see any deer at all.

The first morning Danny and Roger spotted a nice 10 point they felt might be a good one for Matt. Matt deicded we would try the bow and go after it that evening. We geared up and went out to that location. Early in the sitting the buck came up following a doe, already showing some major signs of rutting. I told Matt that's him (Roger had mentioned his second tine was shorter than the third, easy to identify).

Just as Matt got ready to pull back on the bow, the buck chased off a young buck. We watched him run after that buck all the way accross a field and out of sight. He never came back. We felt a little dissapointed being that close, but were confident he would come back the next day.

The next morning we gave it another try. Right after sunrise he came in, this had to be it. He got about 30 yards, stopped, stretched, then walked off into the trees. He never came back. So close again.

That evening Matt decided to switch to the rifle, as he didnt want to waste to much time with a bow on such a nice buck. We saw some future trophy bucks and plenty of deer, but not the one we wanted. A little dissapointing again, but its hunting.

Earlier that evening we heard a gun shot echo through the hills. It had to be Danny. Roger had told him about a monster 10 point that had been traveling between that spot and another. No one had seen it in a while but Roger did have an old photo. About the same time they put the camera down that buck came walking off a hill all alone. Almost sounds to good to be true, but it happened.

Danny knew right away this was the buck for him. He wasted no time getting ready. The buck rattled on a tree, came into shooting range, and stopped. Danny made a good shot and the old buck was down.

This was Danny's third whitetail taken at the ranch, but his first Trophy. It was a monster 10 point with tall tines. It scored out at 168 1/8. To say he was excited would be an understatement.

That night belonged to Danny and his buck. The evening after a succesfful day of hunting is always an enjoyable one.

Matt had a hard decision to make. With time getting short, do we continue to go after the same buck who has fooled us 3 times or start working on plan B? We decided we would give it one more try in the morning.

It was late into the morning hunt, lots of deer had come and gone, But that 10 point had not. Then just as it seemed hope was lost, he stepped out of the woods. Knowing we might not have much time Matt quickly got ready. The buck finally stopped, Matt pulled the trigger, and the buck went straight down.

Some high fives and hugs followed. It had its ups and downs, but it all worked out and made for a great story and hunt. It was a wide 10 point that scored 154 7/8. This was Matt's best buck ever.

Matt's hunt finished up the next day with a whitetail doe. It was a good time with a good friend. Thanks Matt.

Danny had a few days left to try and bag his Trophy Blackbuck. The bucks continued to elude them on foot. After a few unsuccessful sittings in a stand they frequent, they decided to get out early and go after them. A short while later they saw one crossing a field. They made a quick stalk and at 200 yards Danny made a perfect shot. It was a beautiful Trophy Blackbuck. Danny said it was probably the most fun of all the animals he has hunted.

Dannys hunt ended a few days later. He finished with a whitetail doe and 2 pigs. Danny knocked a few more animals off his list this time. Great Job Danny!

It was another successful hunt with plenty of memories made. Good times with good friends!

As we finish up from this hunt, we look forward to next weeks hunt. We have 3 hunters who have all been with us in the past. The hunt will be for 2 High End Management Whitetails and a Trophy Blackbuck.

Stay tuned for updates and feel free to comment below.