Spring Time At Cross Oaks Ranch
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Spring Time At Cross Oaks Ranch

April 23, 2014 by

Its been a busy spring at Cross Outfitters so far. While our whitetail season has ended, we have already started planning for the fall.

The Cross Oaks Ranch has had some big improvements so far, with more to come throughout the year. One of the major improvements has been replacing, moving, and adding new water stations for our wildlife on the South part of the ranch.

Another change repeat hunters will see this year is we have cleaned up all of the old fence on the south and replaced it with new fence. This will not only look better, but should be safer for the animals who jump over it. There has been other new additions and more to come to continue making our Texas Hunting Ranch one of the best around!

This time of year we also get the excitement of looking for antler sheds from our Whitetail, Axis, and Fallow. We have already gathered up a bunch, but will continually find more and more before summer ends. Its difficult to find them all on 2,500 acreas, but we are very excited about some of the ones we have already collected. We had a bunch of bucks that were very nice, but a little young. We expect them to really grow as they reach maturity over the year.


Another exciting part of the spring has been our Spring Turkey Season. Most of our hunters know that we have usually spent our season hunting on the Spring Creek Ranch and havent offered any at the Cross Oaks. Well this year we have been testing out the Cross Oaks to see how good it might be. We have tried many different methods, even some very difficult ones. It has been very good with multiple gobblers seen each time. Many have come into bow range and most easily within shotgun range.

So we are looking forward to offering Spring Turkey Hunts at the Cross Oaks in 2015! We plan to have our packages set sometime soon. Let us know if you have an interest and we will contact you as soon as we get everything planned.

This fall we will also be offering some Texas Trophy Whitetail Hunts at another ranch very close to the Cross Oaks. This will be another great opportunity for our hunters to get a big buck. The convenient location will allow groups to hunt at either ranch and stay at the Cross Oaks if they prefer. Here is a link to our HT Ranch Whitetail Hunts. Let us know if you have any questions!



We look forward to what this year and the coming season will bring. Continue to check back for more updates. We should also have a hunt report for an Axis Hunt sometime in the near future.

Thanks for reading and hope everyone is getting some warm weather!