Summer, Dove, and the Start of Deer Season!
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Summer, Dove, and the Start of Deer Season!

September 24, 2015 by

Its been a busy summer at the Cross Oaks Ranch. Weve been working on alot of ranch projects and improvements. Weve also had some dove hunting and of course getting ready for deer season!

We had some really good dove hunting at the ranch during the early part of the season. As expected it started to slow down a bit as the weeks went by. We do very limited dove hunting, usually for a few select groups each season.

We had a couple of really fun groups this year and got in some hunting ourself when we had time. It was a little different hunting this year, as the fields were the hot spot with water holes getting limited action. Usually the water surrounding the fields is very good. Early rains which produced more water holes than normal probably play a part in this. But the fields are just as fun.


Deer season will be here started October 3! We have a great first group of repeat hunters coming in and we are excited to get started. This should be another great season with alot of fun hunts. We have a hunt lineup that includes many familiar faces this year, which really means alot to us. We enjoy seeing them each year, almost like a family reunion. Honestly we see some of them more than our own families!

We also have a few new hunters who are giving us an opportunity this year. We can't wait to get them out here and hopefully give them a great hunt! Last year will be a hard season to beat, with many ranch records being taken. But its shaping up to be another great season and you never know, it could be our best yet!

We are booked up on many of our Texas Whitetail Hunts, but we do still have some available.

Our Silver Trophy Whitetail Hunt is for a buck 130-159 gross score. Can also take a doe and a pig. It is guided with lodging and meals included. Its a 4 day hunt, with an all inclusive price of $4,750. We have 2 available with some great dates.

Meat/Doe hunts are also available. We have set packages or can customize it to fit your needs. Its a great way to fill the freezer and ecperience a full service hunt without paying trophy hunt prices. Contact us if you have any interest in our Texas Meat Hunts.

Our whitetail season runs from Oct 3- Feb 28 and exotics are year round.

Contact us if you have any interest in these. Let us know if there is something else you have your eye on, because we could always have a cancellation or opening come available.

We have also been very busy this year with many projects and improvements around the ranch.

The biggest project has been the expansion of our game room. We have doubled it in size, to give a little more space for stuff. We also put a nice rock fireplace in it, so now we have a fire alternative when the weather wont let us use the outdoor pit. We are excited to share this with our hunters this season!

We also builit a workshop/office builiding. All of our tools, equipment, etc will be moved over there. The main barn will now be used strictly for hunting operations and cleaning of game.

The Ranch also added some more of the new 3 man rifle blinds. Now all of our stands are the nice, insulated, metal stands. We also had some custom bow blinds made, which are basically the same concept as the rifle stands with some tweaks. Comfort for hunters is a priority for us and were proud to have some of the best blinds around!

There has been many other smaller projects and additions. Lots of time was spent on improving and smoothing roads. Early rains really hurt them, but it should be smooth riding this year on our Texas Hunting Ranch!

We are very excited to get this season started. We have a great staff of guides and cooks who are ready to get going! Hopefully everyone has a safe and blessed season!

Thank you for reading and please post any comments below. If you have any questions or interest in our hunts, please feel free to contact us anytime. or 325-234-6460