Texas Whitetail Deer Hunting
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Texas Whitetail Deer Hunting

Widely known, Brady, Texas is considered one of the best places to experience a Texas Whitetail Deer Hunt. It is a favorite destination for hunters looking to hunt a trophy whitetail buck. The Cross Oaks Ranch offers a variety of different whitetail hunts from Texas trophy whitetails bucks over 200 gross score to doe hunts. Hunters will get an all inclusive hunt with 1x1 guiding from our professional staff. We set a high standard of customer service at our ranch and we try to meet every hunters individual needs and provide a personal hunting experience they will never forget.

Texas Hill Country Whitetail

The Cross Oaks Ranch, is located just outside of Brady Texas. More commonly know as the Texas Hill Country amongst whitetail hunters. This is known as one of the all around best areas to hunt for whitetails in Texas. Hunters from across the country come to this area each year looking to fulfill their dream of shooting a trophy whitetail buck.

The Texas Hill Country is a twenty-five county region of Central Texas and South Texas featuring varying topography and tall rugged hills. Some Major Cities in this region include San Antonio Texas and Austin Texas. The Hill Country is not only a hunting destination, but residents of the state travel from all over to visit this beautiful and scenic area. Some travel as far as Dallas Fort Worth and Houston. We also have hunters and wildlife enthusiasts that visit from all states across the country including Louisiana, Mississippi, California, Colorado, Oregon, Pennsylvania, New York and many more. This stretch of Texas land provides the terrain, wildlife, and plants to create exceptional whitetail hunting ranches. Let us show you what hunting in the Texas Hill Country is all about!

What to Expect?

Visiting hunters in Texas should expect a full service hunt, with a professional dedicated staff who will do everything they can to make it a memorable hunting experience. Most of our whitetail hunting is done from blinds, that have a range of about 100 yard shots. Blinds are kept in good order and are enclosed to ensure our hunters are quite comfortable. In our deer hunting blinds we even have heaters for those cooler days. Your meals are included with hunts and we promise you will not go home hungry and many of the hunters talk about the food just as much as the trophy whitetail they see. To access the whitetail hunting area's we typically use ATV's or pickups.

Once you bag your trophy whitetail your guide and staff will take care of all cleaning of game and prepping it for your departure and  transport home or take you to a local taxidermist/processor. We want your hunt to be worry free, so you can focus on making a great shot when the opportunity comes!

Unbelievable Texas Wildlife

The different terrain on the ranch makes for some beautiful scenery. From rocky hills to open flats, you will experience many different hunting areas. Texas is also home to various types of plants and trees that cover the country, which add to the scenery. Our hunts are usually an educational experience, as well as an exciting and fun hunt. On your Texas whitetail deer hunt you can expect to see plenty of game.  Aside from seeing trophy whitetails you are also apt to see a variety of other wildlife native to the Texas area. Some of these include Turkey, Quail, Dove, Varmints, predators, and many more. During the hunting season the ranch usually has a varitey of beautiful birds flying around!

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On your Texas whitetail hunt be looking around during your adventure. Besides seeing trophy game animals, you may see some other things that are amazing. Possibly a fawn with their mother or turkey roosting above a pond. Or it could be something unique such as cactus growing from a log. There are many different possibilities, so be sure to have your camera handy. If you look around hard enough you may even come across an arrow head or something else from the past!

When joining us at the ranch for a Texas whitetail deer hunt, it is not uncommon to see 40+ whitetail throughout a day. Within this hunters should see a good number of quality bucks that are acceptable for their hunt type. The trophy whitetail bucks seen at the Cross Oaks Ranch located in Brady, Texas, are ranging from 130-200+ gross score. The ranch is also home to various exotic game hunts including Blackbuck, Axis, Fallow, and Iranian Red Sheep. Wild Pigs also roam the ranch, which make for an exciting hunt. We have this as a bonus for our hunters and is included with your package.  Come enjoy the the wildlife and views that Texas has to offer!

The Texas Deer Hunting Season

On our Texas hunting ranch we have a long whitetail season, running from around the first of October Until the end of February. Each part of the season offers their own advantages. The early deer hunting season is usually the warmest. It is usually hot to mild in temperature. This allows our hunters a great time for those who don't prefer cold weather. While not as many animals are coming into eat as the winter months, it can be a prime time for Trophy Whitetail Hunts. Bucks have yet to start rutting and typically run in bachelor groups. They are much more predictable and often stay around the same areas.

In the month of November, the weather starts to cool down quite a bit, temperatures are manageable and most consider this to be t-shirt weather by afternoon. The bucks start in a pre rut and go into a full rut around Thanksgiving. This is our most common hunting time and can result in a very exciting time to chase a Texas trophy whitetail deer. From the sound of a buck grunting or the rattling of fighting horns, these sounds are what excites most hunters in pursuit of the whitetail deer. While the sounds of the hunt are common, the trophy bucks become fairly unpredictable and can travel large distances each day in search of a mating doe. But on the Cross Oaks Ranch, you always have the chance of seeing the big one that has been hiding all season.

After the rut they go into a post rut, starting to slow back down until the end of the season. These days tend to be when the weather is the coldest part of the season, but also has the tendency to produce some of the best hunting Texas has to offer. The cold has the animals very hungry and hunters could see a ton of game during the day.

At the Cross Oaks Ranch, each part of the season can have its own benefits, and you should see some great trophy whitetail deer hunting action. We would love the opportunity to help you pick that best time for your deer hunt, and which is most comfortable for you. We hope to show you the hunt of a lifetime and help you bag that trophy whitetail.

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Finest Texas Deer Hunting Lodge

Your lodging is included with our packages and is some of the finest in the state of Texas. We have tried to combine different aspects of different type lodges and camps, to create a great experience for all. Our lodging is nice and clean, giving you all of the ammenities of home while you are on your hunt. With a great country feel to it, you can relax in peace and quiet, some even enjoy sitting on the porch in the evenings to enjoy the beautiful views, various wildlife grazing, and awesome Texas sunsets. After the day has ended we have alot of hunters who enjoy the fire pit area, relaxing with others and talking about the monster trophy whitetail they saw during the day. Many stories and conversations are held at night enjoying the warmth of the stone fire pit.

After The Hunt - Our Amenities

The Cross Oaks Ranch also has a large gameroom/barn facility that is one of the nicest around. Our game room has many mounts from around the world, a pool table, big tv, and poker table. Our deer hunters are able to entertain themselves on those cold winter nights, playing cards and enjoying the friendships newly formed. Next to our game room we have a barn that serves as parking for our ATV's and houses our processing area with a walk in cooler, automatic deer winches, a processing table, and sink. We have everything you need to make your Texas Deer Hunting Trip a great one. You will feel right at home but also have the experience of a lifetime here at the ranch.

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